Hooray! We are open again.


A message from our President, Anne van Veen:


Hi fellow gardeners,

Hoping all your lives have improved with the lessening of Covid-19 restrictions. It is so nice to catch up with family and friends again.

Our Garden is coming back to life.
Our seedlings are now growing well with these sunny days. We are sourcing more to plant.
We are also about to purchase fruit trees for the orchard- give it a few years and we will be picking plums, apples.... can’t wait!

As you can see we now have a garden shed; we were so lucky to get it donated. Please keep tools clean before putting away neatly in shed.

Our construction team are building new beds and shortly a potting shed will be underway. This will allow us to sow seed for seedlings and propagate plants for the Garden.

Our new mulcher will assist us in making improved compost as well as making the process go faster.  In the spring if Covid-19 permits, the Shire Council will conduct a workshop at our Garden for composting allowing the greater community to join us and learn the finer details of composting. Details will be forwarded when timing allows.

We will be having neighbours in the reserve. Point Nepean Men’s Shed have had approval granted to use land adjacent to our Garden on the western fence line and will be constructing a storage shed.  We have asked that we can harvest water from the shed’s roof top so therefore we are hoping to purchase another water tank. This will much improve our sustainability.


Please join in and get involved. 

See you at Garden soon,



  • A total number of 20 people are allowed in the garden at any one time

  • You must sign the log in book on entry and departure.  (It’s in the plastic tub by the gate)

  • You must not enter if you are unwell, infected, under quarantine, or awaiting test results

  • Gloves must be worn on entry and only taken off when leaving; bring your own.

  • Bring you own tools if possible, or after using communal tools you must wipe down tools with antibacterial wipes (the wipes are in the plastic tub – please use sparingly and take used wipes home with you or place in the park bin)

  • You must observe social distancing of 1.5m



by Christine Seedsman, a member of our Planting Sub Committee.


Hi everyone,


The seedlings we planted a few weeks ago are going well, especially in this lovely sunny weather. A few disappeared after one day, (some hungry bugs were around) but we have covered them with plastic bottles cut up which seem to be working, as well as acting as mini hot houses.

We will be planting more at our Working Bee 21st June 9.30 am, after we have prepared the beds with compost etc.

There are still some lovely carrots to be picked and also Swiss chard.

And the broad beans are growing well and looking healthy.

Hope to see you at the garden some time.  

There is always something to do, and if you’d like to join our Planting Sub Committee just let me know at chriseed@hotmail.com




Infrastructure and Maintenance Update

By Tony Weir


Our New Shed

Our garden shed finally is in place. Many thanks to Bob Ironmonger for donating it. It was pulled apart from a house in Blairgowrie, moved and re-assembled with a bit of luck on the asphalt. It is in good condition and at 3m x 3m it is large enough to store all our tools and equipment. We can now empty the store room in the pavilion so that members do not need to access the pavilion just to get tools or equipment.

Previously we had been donated money to purchase a shed and will now like to use those funds to pay for materials to build our potting shed.

New chipper/mulcher

The new chipper/mulcher has been purchased and is in the new shed and locked to a bolt in the asphalt.

This is a powerful machine that will serve us well but does need to be well looked after and maintained just like any other 4 stroke engine. Safety is always an issue operating these machines and the Committee has agreed that before anyone is allowed to operate it they must attend an in-house safety/instruction session. Please contact me on 0409 772843 if you would like to be one of our authorised users.

New garden beds

The 8 square beds along the north fence have been built and filled with soil and are now ready for planting with fruit trees to form the start of our orchard. Fruit trees need excellent drainage and these new beds are very deep to assist with good growth. Moving into winter is a great time to be planting deciduous fruit trees which will be available to purchase bare rooted.


Your Committee:

At our first Annual General Meeting on 9th Sept 2019 the following members were elected to fill our Committee:

President:   Anne Van Veen

Secretary:   Penny Doery  

Treasurer – Warwick Watson 

General committee members:

  • Vivien Smale    

  • Libby Weir     

  • Manny Zeiger  

  • Shayne Walsh

  • Tony Weir

  • Christine Barnes

  • Christine Seedsman


Our General Committee now has an enthusiastic group of members, however if you would like to help out we are always looking for members to join our sub-committees. You do not need to be on the General Committee.

Please contact Anne if you would like to assist.

Fundraising:  co-ordinator: Tony Weir

Membership: co-ordinator: Warwick Watson      

Planting: co-ordinator: Christine Seedsman


Communication to Members

All our communication is via email. We do not post out anything. It is your responsibility to keep your email contact details with us up to date.

Access to our garden

All members have been supplied with the code for the padlock which allows access to the garden. Some members have had trouble opening the padlock. Some of that is caused by the previous person locking the gate; please ensure that the "Master" brand name is facing up when the lock is closed. Otherwise it will be upside down for the next person.

Here is a short video about the lock. Please note this video shows our old 4 digit code which has since been changed. It will show you the correct place to enter the code.

If you have the correct 4 digit code you will not need to force the padlock, but it does not pop open, just a gentle pull. 

Garden Rules

The Committee have drawn up a simple set of Garden Rules:

  1. Members must respect others and the garden.  

  2. All plots to be communal.  

  3. Major gardening decisions to be made by consensus of members.  

  4. Pathways to be kept clear at all times.  

  5. Tools must be cleaned and put away when not in use.  

  6. Children to be supervised.  

  7. No smoking or alcohol inside garden area.  

  8. Waste to be disposed of appropriately. 

  9. Any tool or areas damaged, contact co-ordinator.  

  10. Any personal injury or incident to be reported to co-ordinator and recorded. 

  11. No dogs inside garden area.  

  12. Ensure premises are locked when leaving.  

  13. Respect environment and use non chemical means to control weeds and pests.  

  14. Settle any dispute through calm discussion and goodwill. If issue remains unsolved the committee will have final decision.

These rules will be on display in the pavillion.

Committee meetings

All meetings start 2 pm at The Pavillion, Stringer Reserve unless otherwise informed.

Please note the Committee will have an agenda to work through, but we want this to be an inclusive group and all members are welcome to attend Committee Meetings. Please contact our President Anne van Veen prior to the meeting if you wish to attend. If you have an important issue to bring up at the meeting please discuss it at least one week prior to the meeting with Anne

Membership stays at $20 for a family for 2019/2020 year


Your Committee have decided that our membership year will start on 1st September each year. We want to keep our fees as low as possible; some people say it is too cheap, but it will remain at only $20 per family for the 2019/2020 year ending 31st August 2020. 

Committee are yet to decide on the membership fees due and payable 1st September 2020. 

You are now able to pay your membership fees by direct bank transfer.

Use of the Pavillion

Council have granted us permission to use the old pavillion on a shared basis in case another group or club wish to use the other tennis courts. Meanwhile we have the pavillion to ourselves.

It is our responsibility to keep it clean and tidy.

There is a first aid kit and sunscreen in the kitchen. During working bees and open days over summer members are reminded to use the sunscreen.

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