Hooray our garden is open again; with restrictions.



Entry to Garden post easing of Covid restrictions


1. B.C.G. Covid-19 Policy for Members access

In line with new regulations and the decision of the committee, effective Friday 22nd October the Blairgowrie Community Garden will be open for up to 15 double vaccinated members at any one time.   Please regulate numbers accordingly and remember to sign in. Thank you for your co-operation.  Masks must be worn.

Welcome back and enjoy the garden. 

The Committee

  • You must log on to the QR code in the window of the pavilion opposite the entry gate.

  • If you do not have a smart phone, you must sign in using the log book in a plastic container just inside the gate.

  • At working bees or functions you will need to show proof of double vaccination.

  • If a person has an approved medical exemption that can be provided to the President or Committee they are permitted to attend a site as per a fully vaccinated person.



As you can imagine our garden is looking a bit neglected after lockdowns and a rat plague. The main jobs that need doing are:

  • massive amounts of weeding; please don’t put weeds in our compost bins.

  • moving the pile of mulch that was dumped outside our double gate (we didn’t ask for it). The mulch can be moved to a pile inside the fence on the asphalt. We need access to our truck gate to get a load of mushroom compost delivered. The key to the truck gate is in the key safe with the same unlock code as the gate padlock.

  • After the compost has been delivered we need to prepare the soil in the empty beds with compost & chook manure, so we can plant summer veggies.


Other jobs that need doing will be listed on the notice board just inside the gate.

Please come along and help out in your garden. The quicker we can get these jobs done the quicker we can get our crops planted.



To help with diary clashes, we’ve prepared a calendar of events in the Garden so that you can plan ahead and get the most out of your membership and enjoy the garden.

Click here to see our calendar


All persons entering the garden must check in.


The current Vic Gov rules regarding covid-19 that apply to our garden:

  • You must check in using the Service Victoria app on your phone. Each person must check in, not one person per couple.

  • Face masks are mandatory indoors and outdoors

Watering Roster

Thanks to our members who have helped out with our watering roster over the last few months.

From May onwards over winter we do not need a watering roster and members can easily do the "finger test" to see if the garden needs water and do any watering needed.

Your Committee:

Your Committee for the next 12 months of our 2020/2021 year are:

President:   Anne Van Veen  tel 0402 372 136

Secretary:   Penny Doery  

Treasurer – Warwick Watson 

General committee members:

  • Vivien Smale    

  • Libby Weir     

  • Manny Zeiger  

  • Tony Weir

  • Christine Barnes

  • Christine Seedsman


Our General Committee now has an enthusiastic group of members, however if you would like to help out we are always looking for members to join our sub-committees. You do not need to be on the General Committee.

Please contact Anne if you would like to assist.

Fundraising:   Tony Weir

Communication and social:  Christine Barnes

Membership:  Warwick Watson      

Planting: Christine Seedsman

Infastructure & Maintenance:  Tony Weir


Communication to Members

All our communication is via email. We do not post out anything. It is your responsibility to keep your email contact details with us up to date.

Garden Rules

The Committee have drawn up a simple set of Garden Rules:

  1. Members must respect others and the garden.  

  2. All plots to be communal.  

  3. Major gardening decisions to be made by consensus of members or Committee.  

  4. Pathways to be kept clear at all times.  

  5. Tools must be cleaned and put away when not in use.  

  6. Children to be supervised.  

  7. No smoking or alcohol inside garden area.  

  8. Waste to be disposed of appropriately. 

  9. Any tool or property damaged, contact our President.  

  10. Any personal injury or incident to be reported to our President and recorded. 

  11. No dogs inside garden area.  

  12. Ensure premises are locked when leaving.  

  13. Respect environment and use non chemical means to control weeds and pests.  

  14. Settle any dispute through calm discussion and goodwill. If issue remains unsolved the committee will have final decision.

These rules will be on display in the pavilion.

Committee meetings

All meetings start 2 pm at The Pavilion, Stringer Reserve unless otherwise informed. During the covid-19 restrictions all meetings will be via Zoom

Please note the Committee will have an agenda to work through, but we want this to be an inclusive group and all members are welcome to attend Committee Meetings. Please contact our President Anne van Veen prior to the meeting if you wish to attend. If you have an important issue to bring up at the meeting please discuss it at least one week prior to the meeting with Anne

Membership stays at $20 for a family for 2021/2022 year


Our $20 household membership fee remains unchanged for the coming year and we originally asked that all fees should be paid by 30th September.  During lock down we will extend this due date.

However if you are happy to pay now that would be great.

Existing members: you do not need to fill in a new membership form. Please just pay via direct bank transfer to:

Bendigo Bank bsb 633 000      account number: 167642008

account name: Blairgowrie Community Garden.

Make sure you add your name to the bank transfer.

New Members: please complete the online application form on this website.


Thank you for your support of the community garden.  We look forward to your membership renewal.

Use of the Pavilion

Included in our lease with Council we have the rights to use the old tennis pavilion. 

It is our responsibility to keep it clean and tidy.

The Point Nepean Mens Shed have built a new shed next to our garden. Their shed does not have a kitchen so we are pleased to share our facilities with them. They have installed their own cupboard in the kitchen to store their own property.

There is a first aid kit and sunscreen in the kitchen. During working bees and open days over summer members are reminded to use the sunscreen.

Access to our garden

All members have been supplied with the code for the padlock which allows access to the garden. Some members have had trouble opening the padlock. Some of that is caused by the previous person locking the gate; please ensure that the "Master" brand name is facing up when the lock is closed. Otherwise it will be upside down for the next person.

If you have the correct 4 digit code you will not need to force the padlock, but it does not pop open, just a gentle pull. If you are having problem opening the lock here is a short video.